Phoenix Family Building Co. LLC is owned and operated by David Phoenix. David has served in residential construction since 1989 with experience in cabinetry, trim carpentry, restoration work, remodeling, framing, project management, custom home building, log homes, timber framed homes and handcrafted log homes. In 1997 he started his first business framing houses in the greater Kansas City area. In 2004, after serving as a project manager for C&M Builders in KC, David founded Phoenix Family Building Co. LLC(PFBC). It was then that David, his wife Kristy, and their six children, set out in a 38' camper to build log homes across the country! Soon they added a 40' camper for their crew of carpenters that David trained to do log home dry-ins. Over the next three years, in addition to building several log homes, David and Kristy's family grew to 10 and they managed all of that in less than 400 square feet of living space! In 2008 the Phoenix family settled into their new home in Missouri where they happily reside with 12 children today!

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